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Why REfill?

Consumer packaging is responsible for almost half of marine life poisoning, contaminated sewers and clogged up water ways.   

Nearly all of the day to day products we purchase comes packaged in a plastic container.  Many plastic containers are so durable that they can be reused many times over before it needs to be recycled.  

We at The Green Tap are dedicated to reducing single use plastic and need your help.  By joining the REFILL REVOLUTION, you contribute to creating a circular economy for plastic by REUSING the plastic packaging you already have.




Fact:  Plastic bottles can only be RECYCLED twice before the quality decreases and it can no longer be REUSED.  BUT, if you bring your plastic bottle in-store and refill it, that same bottle can be REUSED and REFILLED approximately 12 times before it needs to be replaced and sometimes even more, depending on the container you are using.  That is so much better than just recycling!