Welcome to the HQ of the REfill. REduce. REuse. REcycle. REvolution!

How does it work?

How does it work?

You can either purchase online or from our physical store which is situated in Cape Town.  If you purchase from our store, you can bring in your own container and fill up with any of our instore products.  If you do not have a container, you can purchase one of our instore glass options.

If you purchase from our online store, we package all our powder options in brown paper bags for you to decant into your own jars, alternatively, you are welcome to order a glass jar along with the powder.  We recommend that you decant the powders into an air tight container at home.   

If you purchase any liquid options from our online store, we currently package that in a glass option as per the variants that are offered under each product.   

We are always looking at other environmentally friendly options and will add any new options to our store should they become available.

Keep an eye out for New Products!

There are a few in-store products that are not yet available online.  We are working hard behind the scenes with packaging, labelling and product development and we will have our full range up as soon as we can.

Online Packaging

We are continuously looking for sustainable ways to do things at The Green Tap.  We are trying our best not to purchase any new unnecessary packaging.  We keep all packaging that we receive our orders in as well as collect boxes from family and friends.  We reuse this packaging for our online orders.  

So if you find yourself receiving your order in a Takealot box, it is just our way of reusing.  We do ask that you please continue to reuse our packaging as much as possible and eventually discard it responsibly.