How To Shop With Us?

You have the flexibility to shop either from our physical store located in Sunningdale, Cape Town, or online from the comfort of your home.

At our physical store, you're welcome to bring your own container to fill with any of our in-store products. If you don't have a container, you can opt to purchase one from our range of in-store glass options.

For those who prefer shopping online, we pack our refill powders in eco-friendly brown paper bags, making it easy for you to transfer the contents into your own jars. If you need one, you can also order a glass jar along with your powder.

For any liquid purchases made online, we package these in glass containers as per the options listed under each product.

We're continually exploring more environmentally friendly alternatives and promise to update our store with these options as they become available.


Anticipate New Arrivals!

Several of our in-store offerings are still making their way to our online platform. We're diligently refining packaging, enhancing labels, and perfecting product development behind the scenes. Rest assured, we're striving to make our entire product range available online as swiftly as possible.




Packaging Philosophy

At The Green Tap, we're constantly innovating to enhance our sustainability practices. Our commitment to the environment extends to our packaging – we steer clear of acquiring new, unnecessary packaging materials. We collect and repurpose packaging items such as boxes and fillers from orders we receive and from our close-knit community of family and friends. These materials find a second life as packaging for your online orders.

Don't be surprised if your order arrives in a box from Takealot or any other brand. This is simply our method of giving materials a new lease on life through reuse. We kindly encourage you to keep the cycle going by reusing our packaging wherever possible, and when it's reached the end of its lifecycle, we hope you'll dispose of it responsibly.




Delivery Options

For your convenience, we've integrated a "Click and Collect" service on our platform. You can select this option at the checkout when you make your purchase online.

Our standard delivery option for orders within Cape Town is offered at a fixed rate of R100.00 per delivery. For all other main city centers across South Africa, we charge a flat fee of R120.00.

Please allow between 2 to 5 working days for your order to reach any of the major city centers within South Africa.

Note that our delivery service doesn't operate during weekends or public holidays.

We strive to ensure timely delivery, but factors such as strikes, road closures, extreme weather, or other unforeseen circumstances could cause delays. Please bear with us during such instances as these are beyond our control, and rest assured that we will do everything within our power to expedite the delivery of your order.





Container Cleaning and Sanitisation Guide

At The Green Tap, we love to promote the reuse of containers!

To prevent the growth of yeast, mold, or fungi, triggered by residual old product, we kindly request that you thoroughly clean and sanitise your containers before refilling. This is particularly important when refilling a container with a different product than was previously stored in it. Make sure that your containers are fully dry before bringing them in for a refill.

Please adapt the following cleaning methods according to the type and durability of your containers, as not all containers can withstand the same cleaning procedure.


Cleaning and sanitising glass containers:

- Auto-dishwasher: After washing, spray the inside with a sanitiser and let it dry.

- Hand wash: Rinse with hot water, then spray the inside with a sanitiser and leave to dry.

- Microwave: Dampen the glass, microwave it on high for 60 seconds, then spray with a sanitiser and leave to dry.

- Boiling: Immerse the container in boiling water for 10 minutes, then spray the inside with a sanitiser and leave to dry.


Cleaning and sanitising aluminium containers: 

- Hand wash: Rinse with hot water, then spray the inside with a sanitiser and let it dry.

- Dishwasher: Some aluminium containers can be washed in a dishwasher, but use your discretion.


Cleaning and sanitising plastic bottles:

- Hand wash: Rinse with hot water, then spray the inside with a sanitiser and leave to dry.


Cleaning and sanitising container closures: 

- Soak all pumps, lids, and trigger spray heads in hot water.

- Flush clean water through the pump action of the closure.

- Rinse with a sanitiser if possible.





Do you require any other information we did not cover here?

Please feel free to contact us via our Connect With Us page.