Our Roots

THE GREEN TAP is a family affair. Carmen, mom of two, is the brains and the heart behind the business, and it was her love for the environment that sparked the initial idea (catalysed over a glass of wine!) and is changing so many kitchens today. Grant, the love of her life, is a cleaning expert, and knows all the ins, outs and formulae of the trade.

Together they dreamed of a cafe-like shop - a place that was as fun and interesting to visit as its products were to use. A store that could help the fine folks of Cape Town do an even better job of cleaning and maintaining their homes, without laying any further waste to the natural environment around us. They wanted a small business that also supported like-minded small businesses, so their community would grow!

And they want to make the right decision the easiest choice to make.

Since then both the store and the movement have grown exponentially and the website (a home away from home) is serving conscientious clientele right across the country.

It's always nice when your intuitions turn out to be right!

The fact is that we can do more. All of us. Consumers have the power to change the world for the better, or the worse... Every buying decision we make has an impact. Every product leaves a mark. But it shouldn't be a choice between 'right for me' and 'right for the planet' when we can easily do both!

So let's do the right things, for the right reasons, save a buck or two at the same time, and grow the small businesses who are making (much, much!) better products.

This, in a nutshell (a carbon-neutral nutshell, of course!) is what The Green Tap is all about.

And we are very happy that you have decided to join the family :)

Go on! Place your order!