Sustainability Initiatives

Eco-Bricks - Bottle Tops - Bread Tags

We are a drop-off point for Eco-Bricks, Plastic Tops, and Bread Tags, all of which support the incredible work done by Change Makers Hub. They use Eco-Bricks to build community benches and turn small plastics into beautiful plastic art.

These small items are often overlooked in the recycling process, but collecting and recycling them properly can make a big difference. Let's turn these tiny pieces into valuable resources for a greener future together!


Eco-Brick Projects we have contributed to:


This bench and chess table was built at Rebecca Van Amsterdam Sports & Recreational Centre in Atlantis.  It repurposed 459 kg's of plastic.



This bench was built at Stellenbosch Business School and repurposed 437kg's of plastic.


Benches built in Clanwilliam with Eco-Bricks.






Eco Brick Bootcamp: Become a Brick-making Champ!

1. What Goes In?

- Think of things you can't eat or compost! Non-biodegradable plastics are perfect. This includes wrappers, straws, bags, and other pesky plastics.

2. The Golden Rule: Clean & Dry!

- Before stuffing, make sure the plastics are clean and dry. Wet or dirty plastics can cause the brick to become moldy and unusable.

3. Pack it TIGHT!

- Use a stick or a rod to compress the plastics in as you go. The tighter, the better! Imagine you're packing for a month-long vacation in a tiny suitcase.

4. The Perfect Weight:

- Aim for a certain weight depending on the bottle size. For a standard 2L bottle, you'll want it to weigh around [specific weight, e.g., 500 grams]. It's like baking; measurements matter!

5. Ready for Drop-Off?

- Once your eco brick feels solid and reaches the desired weight, bring it to our store. If it's squishy or too light, give it another pack! Think of it as adding that one last pair of shoes to your suitcase.


A perfect eco brick is a gift to the Earth - Let's build a greener future together!