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SA Plastics Pact Reuse Innovation Challenge

I am so proud, excited and very grateful to announce that The Green Tap entered the 2021 Reuse Innovation Challenge presented by The MAVA foundation, The SA Plastics Pact and Green Cape.

The Plastics Pact is a global initiative led by the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation - bringing together key stakeholders to implement solutions towards a circular economy for plastic.  With Green Cape and World Wildlife Fund SA, The South African Plastics Pact was launched in 2020 with support from a number of the biggest brands in SA. 

We were chosen and included with a group of 6 finalists.  Everyone had to present and 3 winners were chosen.  We placed 3rd and are so excited for the opportunities this will present us. 

Congratulations to;
1st place winner Idropwater and
2nd place winner Sonke 

Thank you to everyone involved!